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19. Juli 2023

In oView helloCash Sync, it is now also possible to synchronize stock levels from shopify to helloCash (previously only helloCash to shopify). The direction of synchronization can be defined under "Settings" > "Stock" > "Direction".

Stock sync from shopify to hellocash
Display and dispatch of invoices
22. Juni 2023

oView helloCash Sync is now available in German and English languages. The language will be set based on the shop's location. Germany (DE) and Austria (AT) will be in German, while the rest will be in English.

Multilanguage Support
30. Mai 2023

Automatic invoice dispatch to the customer. The "Automatic invoice dispatch" option can be activated under "Settings" > "Invoices".

Automatic sending of invoices via email
17. Mai 2023

With certain shops it was not possible to create an invoice in helloCash. This affected shops that contained a single quotation mark (') in their name or address. The reason for this was a missing escape sequence in the SQL statement.

Escape sequence for webhook order/paid
5. Mai 2023

The inventory level comparison from Shopify to HelloCash is now also possible without creating an invoice. If you activate the "Do not create invoice" option in the oView settings during invoice matching, the inventory levels in HelloCash are corrected on a Shopify order, but no invoice is created.

Invoice matching new setting "Do not create invoices"
16. April 2023

We would like to inform you that an error has occurred in the VAT calculation for invoices with a discount. However, we have now corrected this error!

Display of discounts and taxes in the helloCash billing situation